I am legend

I Am Legend is a 2007 American post-apocalyptic film directed by Francis Lawrence and starring Will Smith, who plays US Army virologist Robert Neville. The story is set in New York City after a virus has wiped out most of mankind, leaving Neville as the last human in New York, other than nocturnal mutants. Neville is immune to the virus, which was originally created to cure cancer. He works to create a remedy while defending himself against the hostile mutants.

mortal engines/shrike

In the Mortal Engines, Shrike is shown to be a ruthless killing machine, harming several and killing three pirates when his hunt for Hester Shaw takes him to Air haven. However in Infernal Devices when he finds that he cannot hurt humans, because of his conscience. He can still, however, destroy stalkers.

Despite being a killing machine, Shrike doesn’t like to harm children, because he himself once had children before he became a stalker. He is shown to help children, such as when Hester Shaw was left half dead he adopts her. Another example is when a mayor wants him to kill the children of someone else. Instead of killing the children, he kills the mayor. He said that he remembered several occasions when he had spared or protected children for reasons that he could not explain. He doesn’t know why he is so fond of children until the very last book, where he remembers his past life.

Another goal of his is that he wants to make Hester Shaw into a stalker. He keeps this goal right up to the end of the story, when he sees that she had been clutching hard to Tom even in death. So instead he lays them both to rest in a valley.

mortal engines describing shrike

When you look at shrike you would think of him as a terrifying and heartless beast that roams in the darkness, hidden and unseen, just waiting for it to strike its next move. But there’s more than one side to him you see, if we look on the other hand, you’ll see that he is a kind hearted and love caring man which shows a more sensitive side to him “YOU CANT STAY HERE CHILD” This shows his good cop.

You can show a little sympathy for him because shrike was once human, just a normal human being, until one some folks came along and took him away to study tests on him and turn him into a monster. “He has sent me to kill you”. Can you just imagine what it would be to be taken away from your family and tortured.

Shrike is called a stalker one of many few of his kind. their are like mercenary or hit man who would kill to get a little bit of bob (1 bob=50p) shrike shows his beastliness in Air-haven when he tracks Hester and Tom down to kill them. “Hester Shaw”. This is what i think when i look at shrike.


Reeve makes an effective character with Shrike because he is more than one side to him you see. Take this for example, you would know him to be terrifying heartless beast that roams the streets of London. But then again on the on the other hand you would find a more sensitive side to him, on the outside, a careless monster that only target in life is to kill, on the inside, is kind loving person.

I believe that shrike is a good person just misunderstood this is demonstrated when he finds Hester down at the near by shore next aside her house in air haven.”YOU CANT STAY HERE CHILD” this shows that he has a more caring side to him despite all the gore he produces tells that maybe he was a father. you would describe him as a hit man, mercenary, rather this describe who the type of person he is.

You can kind of feel sorry for him or the tiniest bit of sympathy for him because  he was once a human that loved and cared for people then turned into what is known as a stalker, weird, i know they live in the waste lands but on the other side he is still a murderer that works for the government for example.”HE HAS SENT ME TO KILL YOU!” this shows the monster he really is but why does he do this who knows.

On the other hand it might create something else Hester says that he has know feelings but if he has no feelings why does he hesitate on killing her why doesn’t he just finish the job end what she started. If he had no feelings he wouldn’t go after Hester and Tom when he left him behind but I understand why he does this.

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